I never thought this native Mainer would "snow bird" to wamer climes in the winter months!  But, as the body ages, it tells the mind what to do to take care of itself.  I am pleased to be in Collierville, TN with dear friends and their dear friends.  I'm working on my storytelling projects while renting the home of friends who are in Florida.  I will be here until April 1 when I will begin my trek back to Maine.  


I am excited that I'll be returning to Milwaukee, WI for the annual conference of the Wisconsin State Reading Assoc.  I  will be performing some of my teaching stories, illustrating universal truths of teaching and demonstrating the profesional development strategy of RESTORYING.  i will also journey to LaCrosse, WI to connect with storytellers and colleagues from my years in that area.  

FRI & SAT, APRIL 20-21, 2018

I have been invited to be a NEW VOICE at the STONESOUP STORYTELLING FESTIVAL in Woodruff, SC.  I don't know very much abou this festival but will add more details as I receive them.  

SUNDAYS, APRIL 29 & MAY 27,2018

On these two Sundays I will be presenting sacred stories of faith at two churches in Maine: the Hartford, ME community church at 367 Church St at 9:00 a.m. and the Leeds, ME community church at 123 Church Hill Road at 10:30 a.m.  

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


I love to share stories wherever I am.  I love to hear stories wherever I am.  I love the stories of how people get connected and the pathways they travel to pursue their life's work and play.  Storytelling requires a minimum of two humans--a teller and a listener.  Any others who are present create an audience.  Let's get together to share stories at your kitchen table, the coffee shop, the library, the park, your place of worship or your garden.  Contact me. 



In my 43 year career in education, as a classroom teacher, a school district administrator and a university professor I had experiences and observed experiences of others that made me a better educator.  I've been telling some of those poignant teaching stories for a while now.  The stories are important because they provided important universal teaching lessons to me when they happened and later, when I told them to my education students, graduate students and practicing educators. I am always happy to share my teaching stories.  They are as important in the 21st century as in the 20th century when my career began.  


Every time I share some of my teaching stories, I receive more from educators who have related and poignant stories if their own. With their permission I am including them in my collection.  I would love to include a poignant story from your experiences as a teacher from any age, discipline or specialty.  You can write the story and give it to me. Or I would be happy to listen to your story, compose a written retelling and put it in my collection with your approval.  Think about it.  What  are the teaching experiences that made you a better teacher? . 


As a graduate student I became interested in the role of storytelling in professional development.  While I know the importance of district and school goals and availability of professional development programs to reach those goals, I know from first-hand experiences with graduate students and practicing teachers that the use of "restorying" in sharing teaching experiences is a valuable tool in developing more informed teachers and strengthening relationships among educators.  I am always honored when I am asked to meet with groups of teachers and teach them this technique that they can use throughout their careers.  Let me know if you're interested in knowing more.