THE KING AND HIS PAGE by Phyllis Blackstone

Once upon a time there was a good and conscientious king.  His daily problem was an annoying page who was constantly yakking at this side.  The father of the page was the king's best friend and upon his friend's death bed, the king promised that the young man would always have a job at the palace.  But the page was such an annoying pest!  Constantly interrupting!  Constantly wanting to tell the king something!!!

 One day the king had an idea. He gave the title of Minister of Exterior Affairs to the page and assigned him the task of visiting every hamlet, village and city in the kingdom.  Each night the page returned and over dinner, reported to the king all of the news and stories of the kingdom's citizens.  Over time, the king became known throughout the world as a great king.  Why? Because he listened to all of the stories of all of his citizens, considered their needs and concerns, and acted accordingly.